Family Easter celebration

It’s not only Easter, but warm enough to ditch tights and even walk outside with out 64 layers on. So while this means I have run the ol’ venus over the limbs more often, it also means I can wear dresses without worrying about static cling, runs in tights, and weather or not I have have tights to match. I mean there is thigh rub and the fear of chaffing when things get moist, but it’s warm you guy and I get to wear pretty dresses!
Believe it or not, my entire outfit cost less than $25. The dress was on clearance for just over $7 and the shoes $3.49- both from Target. I felt kinda like I was stealing. The necklace is from a site called GroopDeals (a daily deals site) and was like $8, while the bangles were from Goodwill for $4. And yet, I felt like a million bucks and got all sorts of compliments. I mean in between confiscating candy,knives, my moms dog, and telling the kids grandma did not put out any brown eggs, so don’t pick them up.

Family Easter celebration

Oh and here’s a rare picture of me in the actual outfit.

photo (7)

Happy Easter!


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