Where in I confess to…….

Nate: Hey mom, remember that Africa project where I have to make food that I told you about? Can you do that tonight, it’s due tomorrow?

Uh, YOUR project that YOU were supposed to look up a recipe for, and are supposed to make it yourself?

Nate: Yeah, that one.

The same one that you would never tell me the due date of?

Nate: Well, I didn’t know, and then um, I think she changed the date on it.

Yeah, I’m not doing your project for you, but you can look up a recipe that we have all the ingredients for and I’ll help you make it.


20 minutes later from the top of the stairs………………………………………..

Nate: Mom, do we have enough flour to fill 35 cups and also 23 cups of sugar?


I have no idea what recipe he was looking at, but I sure hope it fed like the entire country of Paraguay.


I found a recipe that only required 5 ingredients and some water for something called “Milk Tart.” It’s apparently a popular dessert in South Africa; not incredibly appetizing sounding to me, but it did contain sweetened condensed milk. Which meant I’d be able to lick the excess off spoons, lids and the can. How much I’ll enjoy the finished product or at least one of it’s ingredients I would other wise feel kinda like a glutton eating, It’s how I make my decisions regarding baking/cooking for my kids’ classes.

Like I’m not sure who else besides me would consider eating out of a can of sweetened condensed milk, and it makes me kinda afraid Jillian Michaels might break down my door and force me to pull her down my street like a sled dog. I don’t look good in a harness. But if I just scrape the insides of the can that’s totally not gluttonous. Neither is licking the lid of the can, even though I might have, probably did, cut my tongue on the razor sharp edges.

All I can hear every time I do that is my mom freaking out about “NEVER TOUCH THE CAN LID IT CAN CUT YOU!” I really thought she was completely over reacting, but after cutting my tongue 23 a few times, it is indeed razor sharp and there’s a good chance you could cut your tongue off with it before you know it.

I know what your thinking.

Yes, I lick the lids of cans, so what?

Please don’t tell my mom, or Jillian Michaels.

The dish was a hit and Nate received an A.

It’s nice to get feed back about my baking and cooking.


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