nearly spring {outfit share}

I’ve neglected you. I’ve broken my promise to write with abandonment during my “spring break.” Although in my defense you can’t really call the 3 hours I ended up not having to answer to anyone the entire week I had sorta, kinda, off of school a spring break. I should have known things wouldn’t go as planned, and that writing would be pushed to the way side for other more vital tasks,like doctors appointments, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, school pick up, you know stupid stuff that the people I live with make me do. Those mini tyrants.

I’m back at school work, although one of my classes has spring break this week, and I worked like a mad woman yesterday so I have about 8 minutes to spare today. I decided it was time for an outfit share,especially with this schizophrenic (I almost spelled that without auto correct!) Kentucky weather we have had lately. I mean, daylight saving screws me up, but apparently it screwed mother nature up on a whole ‘nother level this year. 69 degrees one day and 28 and SNOW the next? Yeah, that’s a manic weather swing. BUT it’s the first day of spring today, so theres hope the weather will act like spring soon, right?

At least I get to try out my new J Crew wool mini. It’s warm and a pleasantly brighter green than the picture shows, perfect for dressing up with heals, or more casual with boots. I wore my shirt tucked, but it looks awesome with the shirt untucked, would look superb with a blazer, sweater, cardigan or even a nice fitted tee, and AND! it’s on final sale for $30,  and (yes again) there’s a 25% off code (LOVEJCREW). I’m thinking of ordering the navy and the pink too, I love this skirt that much. They are final sale, which means no returns, so it’s best to have a good idea of your size at J Crew. I ended up ordering a 12 because that’s what I have to wear in their dresses because of my boobs, and it’s a smidge big, but totally wearable on my figure  (whoo hoo plus for the hour glass!) with the shape of the skirt. I normally wear an 8 (occasionally a 6) at Old Navy in bottoms, unless it’s one pants that they can’t figure out how to size the same as all their other pants and I might wear up to a 12 (hello color pop jeans?) Anyway, I hope that helps if your considering this skirt, and you really should consider this skirt.

BTW, the necklace is as close to the one I’m wearing as I could clip to polyvore as possible. Mine’s also vintage, and there are tons like it on etsy under the term “silver puff heart necklace” in the $25 range (I bought my local for $25). Polyvore and Etsy just don’t play nice together.

AND don’t forget, if you have a polyvore connect with me there, I’d love to see what everyone’s wearing for this crazy “spring” weather we are having.

nearly spring

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