Words Hurt

There’s the F word. And the C word, the N word, the R word, and the G word.

Nigger, Cripple, Faggot, Retard, Gay.

Not “the” words you thought I was talking about.

They are not adjectives to describe something you find stupid, wasteful or that which upsets you. In those senses they are the words of someone small of mind, weak in constitution, and full of ignorance and laziness.

They are words that crush, wound, suffocate, drive insane and kill.

Yeah, words can kill.

Sticks and stones are good and all, but we are an evolved society, and most people don’t fight each other physically.

It used to be just gossip in the girls room, the lunch table, notes in class, but then the internet was born and with it words like cyber bulling came into being.

Bullying by true cowards. People who aren’t brave enough to face others and fight them, or spew their verbal assaults eye to eye engage in a war with the goal of utter devastation. Not just a mean name, not just a funny butt of the joke and then it will pass, eventually, but in a ruin your life, enlist in witness protection, and pray their teenage hacking abilities that rival Anonymous don’t find you and ruin your new life.

That seems extreme. It’s not.

She killed herself one month later


Amanda Todd is dead because of words.

And no, none of those words were the ones I mentioned above. Amanda was straight, beautiful, intelligent, and white. By all measures, she had it all.

And yet she didn’t.

And what about those who don’t have it all?

What about those that are gay, mentally challenged, black, physically disabled. As much as the word Nigger causes me, a white girl, to recoil in disgust and pain, it must be even more so to those that are black. What about retard or retarded. What about gay?

Unless your friends’ actions really were happy, they were never gay. And I can’t think of a legitimate circumstance where retard is acceptable.

And unless you like to bully people (in which case, what the hell is wrong with you?), stop it. Your bright, intelligent individuals come up with some other creative words to use; ridiculous, stupid, idiotic, moronic, bupkis. None of those doing it for you try this one, thesaurus.

And if you disagree with me do me a favor, read this.

And watch this:

And now re-evaluate your words. In this digital age, where we are isolated much of the time, and people are more brazen than they are in person, let’s try to ease the burden. Lets think about how our words affect others, rather than crudely getting a point across. Lets rise above, and instead inspire rather than expire others.

Lets raise up a new generation, one that doesn’t use slanderous language to drive home a point. Lets be accepting and try to not make love be the exception. Lets stop the discrimination, because discrimination, in this sense, is just another word for hate.


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