Study Monday {i was FEATURED!}

Today I was very honored to have one of my posts featured over on the Curvy Girl Guide! It’s a great place where anything and everything is opened for discussion among women who look a lot more like me than airbrushed super models. I hope you’ll check out my post and become a regular of the Curvy Girl site!

And as for some new business in the midst of downing in school work, what I wore today, more or less. My jackets actually from Target and doesn’t have the metal work and have knitted sleeves, and my shirt is an old Express tank with a large roset and tulle embellishment across the top, which is just above my boobs, but it’s the same color as this shirt. Which, by the way, I LOVE and would like to own.

I’m also just loving that Tangerine lips are back this year. I had two tubes of Stila Charlotte (now discontinued but can be found around the webs if you search) stashed away and I pulled it out recently and have been living in it. It’s worth tracking down if your looking for a great color for now and upcoming spring!

Study Monday

The weather is all schizo these past few days, so instead of snow we had a lot of rain over night and into today. My old rain boots are uh, old woman drapey looking, barely fit my calves, and have finally sprung a leak, so I ordered a new wide calf pair that is much more sleek looking and also a really hip pair of brown moto style and they were only $28 shipped, since I bought the last pair on all of I WAS looking for a black pair, but nothing that fit the bill was cheap enough for me to justify it. While I just LOVE my brown Fitzwell Valencia wide calf boots, I don’t want to bite the bullet on the $120 price tag at this time. Although they are totally worth it for anyone looking for some.

Boots are about the only thing that makes sense with this weather, and I just love boots and skinny jeans.

What are you wearing or lusting for?


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