Don’t Be Fooled by the Rocks That I got…..

Ok, so I should really take pictures of myself wearing my outfits, they look so much better together that way. But, well, see, I’m not exactly great at the self portrait thing. Screaming babies? Yeah, I gotcha covered. You think your awkward and never take a good picture? Oh, honey wait till you see all the beautiful images I captured of you. I used to run my own pro photog bidness, but I can’t take a decent self photo to save my life.

And it’s not like anyone else in my real life really knows about this blog. I’m not sure how to explain why I need pictures of my outfits?

Because I’m making a calendar for you for Christmas? I’ll be Miss January thru December!

Because I’m trying out for a make over show?

Because I want you to have photographic evidence I existed after I die damn it! Why no, I don’t plan on dying for a long time, just take the freaking picture!

Those are just conversations I wish to avoid, so I’m just polyvoring it up in he-yer until I figure out how to photograph myself so I don’t look like I’m taking pictures in a fun house mirror.

So this is pretty much what I wore today. I started off with a gray cardigan instead of the jacket, and only a long silver chain, but I went to Target. I shopped the clearance. And when one goes to Target, one must buy new shiny things. It’s like those 70% off signs are crack or those bug zapper lights that just bzzzzzzAAAAAAPPPPPPP the money out of my checking account or something. After finding the jacket I had to grab a necklace similar to the one below because I had nothing gold (see bug zapper). I happened to already have the earring in the cart below as an attempt to get back to wearing earrings, but hoping going with real gold won’t have me scratching the bejeezus out of my lobes while I try to gnaw (totally tied to spell that with a k instead of a g just now) them off like some kind of rabid wilde beast because everything else besides gold is extremely irritating to me right now. I hope it’s just a phase.

I wasn’t totally sure I could pull the jacket off, but really didn’t think about it until after I was out.

Does this jacket, you know with everything else look too Jenny from the block?

No, I mean, maybe a little. But in the nicest possible way. We could all use a little more Jenny from the block in our lives right.

Right, nice, so I look ghetto?

No, you look nice, I mean, can we just eat?

Anyway, I like the jacket. I have all sorts of plans for it, one with a really awesome vintage dress I got that totally is back in this year with the patterns thing. Also I totally LOVE those jeans. They are by Worn Jeans, they fit skinny, but hit at my belly button, score! I have them in green also, but ordered another pair in a black sateen because they are just great. I’m still wearing the Fitzwell boots nearly everyday. It’s cold here right now, and they are one of the only shoes I own that I can wear socks with. They, along with Smartwool socks are keeping my toes toasty, and really look great with nearly every outfit.


Oh and so far, the earrings have been great, thanks for asking. No, no one really asked.


oldies and clearance finds



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