hitting the books

I’m exhausted, supposed to be reading Beowulf (I know, right!?!?! What WAS I thinking taking a medieval lit course) and can’t stay focused. So, taking a quick mental break, I thought I’d put together a quick Polyvore board to share my hitting the books outfit for today. Not overly fashionable, but atleast I’m not sitting here, studying in public, wearing sweats that say “juicy” on the butt.

By the way, those boots are Fitzwells Valencia Wide Calf boots in brown. They seriously changed my life you all. I have never, no matter how small I was, been able to comfortably wear tall boots. I finally admitted this to myself and ordered these babies. I have a 16 1/8 inch calf (over jeans) and these boots have PLENTY of room to spare. I, the girl with big calves, can finally wear tall boots, and tuck my jeans/jeggings in! Btw, that is not the exact necklace I am wearing. It’s close, but mines from the Old Navy clearance rack and I can’t find any pictures on line.

What are you wearing today?

If you want to follow me on Polyvore I’ll follow you back if you post your link.

hitting the books

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