birthday party for my little man {outfit share}

Today was Teddy’s party. The one obligatory big one that I do for all my kids, before reducing every other year to making them pick one or two friends to go to something special with and have a sleep over. The one where I don’t sleep the night before, continually awoken by dreams of forgetting things, not waking up in time to make it to the venue or forgetting my pants. I’ve never forgotten my pants before, I don’t know why a party would be the first time I would, but I still dream it. Everything went smoothly, parents dropped their kids off, they ran wild, hyped up on sugar, loud music, flashing lights, and on a mission to win as many tickets as they could. They danced, did 268 versions of the Chuck E. Cheese birthday song, and high fived the sticky, gym sock smelling, Hoboken accented rat himself. It was great, it was fun and when we got home I passed out on the couch from exhaustion for 2 hours. I’m so happy for my sweetest little man, but so thankful there isn’t another big party for 3 more years.

I thought I’d share what I wore to be both comfy and a little stylish while I herded cats, er…., I mean, children.

birthday party for my little man

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