I’m pretty sure there is a workers rights violation in here somewhere

I remember almost never staying home from school when I was younger. When I did I had to be really sick. And I was grounded from reading. Yeah, I know, I was that kid. Nerdy to the core, so much my parents way of making sure I wasn’t bluffing was to tell me I wasn’t going to get to just hang out and read War and Peace or The Iliad  The Babysitters Club and American Girl books all day, but they would be happy to move a tv into my room and I could spend all day rotting my brain watching it.

I won awards for my attendance record.

I mean I did get sick, but nothing I wouldn’t just suffer through in order to not have to stay home with one of my parents. I’d rather tough it out at school. This led to several instances of puking like a frat boy the morning after initiation over the bus waiting area, or being sent to the nurses office because I was delirious and having vision while I spoke to myself in tongues.

Actually, I don’t even remember how I got to the nurses office that one time, or how I got home. It’s an Inception meets The Matrix wrapped in deja vu experience. I woke up briefly to be probed by doctors, and then again two days later. I’d been wondering around with pneumonia. Believe it or not it wasn’t the only time. Yeah, no one cared.

I believe it is the experiences of being ill as a kid that lead me to just ignore being sick as an adult. It’s like some broken bit of my brain says if I don’t acknowledge how I feel it can’t be real and will go away. I mean it totally worked on that tooth ache. I mean sure eventually there was a root canal and a crown, but the pain did eventually go away.

The kids have been slowly succumbing to strep throat. Yesterday it was Reese. I took her to the doctor. I honestly didn’t think she had it, but I didn’t want to be that horrible parent that lets their kid go to school really sick and then end up labeled as “freaky” when their fever spikes and things turn into a bad ‘shroom experience.

Turns out she did have it. Strep that is, not a drug induced trip. As her doctors is asking about the other kids, I suddenly have the realization the sore throat I’ve been babying with hot liquids isn’t going away. In fact it’s been nearly 2 weeks. It was like all the sudden the delusion I’d put together so I didn’t have to stop being everything I have to be everyday, just crumbled. I felt the fever, the body aches up my back and neck, and my throat wasn’t just an ache, it felt like there were balloons full of glass back in there. It hurt up in my ears. I’ve been walking around with strep for nearly 2 weeks and deluded myself I wasn’t sick.

My doctor happens to be in the same office as the kids (yay family practices!) and her nurse took one look at me when I asked if they’d call me in a prescription because 2 kids were down and I thought I might be headed that way and she interrupted my doctor in a patients visit, and it was called in immediately.

And yet I still can’t slow down. I have kids to pick up from school, lunch to make, sick kids to wait on, school work to finish and carpools to do. Tomorrow I have a photo session, outside, in the cold, not to mention my kids to take care of.

Mommy’s shouldn’t ever get sick, my employer doesn’t give me sick days.


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