Can someone tell me why? {This is not a vent}

Really, it’s not, I promise and I’ll be the first to admit, I have taken my kids to school in my pajamas. Yes, have on occasion, rolled out of bed, after hitting the snooze button more than one to many times, leaving me just enough time to throw on a pair of fleece pants and a sweatshirt before waking the kids and blindly throwing stuff in bowls for breakfast (What? You don’t like milk and whole wheat veggie crackers with milk?). Now, in my defense, I rarely do this. Monday thru Wednesday I have to get mostly ready so that I have enough time to shovel some leftover cake eat a healthy breakfast after dropping them off, and before heading out with the youngest to pre-school/mommy school work time. Thursdays I usually throw on a more laid back outfit, but real clothes, and run a brush through my hair before hanging out with the kids while they eat. Fridays are donuts with daddy days, so I don’t have to worry about school drop off. However, on the few occasions when Matt has been at work for 24 hours and there are sick kids, or I’m sick, and I still have to run kids to school even though there’s piles of puke, or buckets of snot, or I can’t read a clock and processes what it says because my brain has reach a level of exhaustion it no longer thinks in any human system of measurement, I have worn pj’s to drop off.

And, while I don’t wear character pajamas, just regular colored tanks and lounge pants, I would never, ever, ever get back together, wear pajamas outside of the car. That is a car line, in the dark of the winter morning, don’t make eye contact with other people, and pretend to have a hacking cough, kind of outfit.

There is a mom I observe often, because she almost always wears pajamas to WALK her kid to school. Not plain lounge wear, but character or cutesy print pajamas. She walks from here home, to the school, socializing with the crossing guard, other parents, and the teachers outside in her pajamas. I had come to expect Chatty Cathy  in pajamas everyday, but this morning……..this morning takes the cake.

I drove the kids and I pulled up to the corner where the crossing guard is stationed she was waving me to turn behind the family crossing the road at that moment. It was Chatty, her husband and their son, both the boy and his father are in street clothing. Chatty has on pajamas, but not the usual two piece pants and top kind of set with her winter coat thrown over. No, she has taken the walk to school to a new level of casual. Today she wore a puke dusty rose and mint trimmed bathrobe, and a short night gown. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

This is not a vent. This is not a critique. I honestly can not for the life of me figure out how that became ok. The reason pajamas are marketed as such is to have an alternative to clothes you appear in public in and thus sleep comfortably. I mean, I don’t sleep in my jeans and cardigan, so why would I appear in public in my pajamas? Aside from the fact no one wants to see me braless in a tank top, even if it has a shelf bra, and panties, I would never consider pajamas to be attire that I would want people to see me in, much less socialize and embarrass the hell out of my kid in. I mean, if I look like the first victim of a zombie apocalypse because I haven’t slept in 3 days and now could shimmy into those skinny jeans I have stuffed in the back of my drawer because I’ve dropped so much water weight from the vomiting, sure, dropping the kids off through the car line, in my night time attire with the addition of lounge pants, is a very very viable option.

Maybe I am too superfical, or maybe it’s a pride thing, but I like clothes. I like to put together outfits. I’m embracing the whole “love my body” thing and dressing for my shape and size and enjoy letting all that show some of my personality. I think most people dress knowing it says a little something about them. So I honestly wonder what goes through Chatty’s head when she decides to walk to school in a night gown and bathrobe. Am I being too vain and superficial, or does everyone else wonder if she’s just given up on looking cute or even just presentable?


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